Peking to Paris rally

6 April 2016

Russia, Mongolia and Belarus documents in for visas.  I have my Chinese visa.  Jo has still to get hers.  Xena is now on the high seas on her way to Beijing.  Packing started and now I have to cull things that are absolutely necessary.  One smallish bag for all my things- pone small bag for all of Xena’s things that could not be shipped with her.

Excitement building!!!!

PP 2013 startovne cislo

Endurance Rally Association – ERA


Ten weeks today until the start of the ‪#‎PekingtoParis‬ ‪#‎Rally‬ at the Great Wall Of China, Beijing, China. Looking forward to seeing all our competitors ready for the off. View the ‘runners and riders’ here…/peking-to-paris-motor-challeng…

Xmas 2015/New Year 2016

We spent 10 days in England and Scotland  trying out Xena prior to her being shipped to Beijing.


We picked her up from the Rover Centre, having had a great reunion with Owen and Jamie and meeting their Mum and Dad – what a great family.

We drove up through the Yorkshire Moors, over to Berwick, then up into the Scottish Highlands via the lochs. Even got in a whi1012542_441844409355096_784832349260237379_ntasting.  Then down to our mates Liz Stanley and Sue Wise for new year and Jo tried out her new handbrake turns (in the process ruining 4 new tyres).  10300890_442873715918832_7268289083373197018_n


Then back to St Albans – a few bits and pieces to do on Xena, but we feel very confident that she will be strong enough to get through the wilds of Mongolia.


PP 2013 startovne cislo

The 6th Peking to Paris Motor Challenge 2016 will go from June 12th to July 17th 2016.  Heather and Jo have entered  Xena who will spend 35 days on the road along with over 100 other cars, including 4 other Amazons:

Volvo Entrants for Peking to Paris 2016

Claudine Bloom(GB) / Andrew Twort(GB) 1965 – Volvo 122 1780
Heather Worth(NZ) / Joanne Worth(NZ) 1968 – Volvo 122S 1986
Richard Taylor(USA) / David Pierce(USA) 1968 – Volvo 122S 1800
Michael Maedel(A) / 1968 – Volvo 123 GT 1800
Richard Allen(GB) / Graham York(GB) 1968 – Volvo Amazon 123 GT 1778


Workshops building Peking to Paris cars have now started the marathon of preparing reliable cars.


The rally starts from the Great Wall outside Beijing on Sunday, June 12th, and finishes with a drive into Paris to cross the finish line in Place Vendome on Sunday, July 17th.




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