April 2016

6 April 2016

Russia, Mongolia and Belarthumbnail_FullSizeRenderus documents in for visas.  I have my Chinese visa.  Jo has still to get hers.  Xena is now on the high seas on her way to Beijing.  Packing started and now I have to cull things that are absolutely necessary.  One smallish bag for all my things- pone small bag for all of Xena’s things that could not be shipped with her.


Excitement building!!!!



PP 2013 startovne cislo

Endurance Rally Association – ERA


Ten weeks today until the start of the ‪#‎PekingtoParis‬ ‪#‎Rally‬ at the Great Wall Of China, Beijing, China. Looking forward to seeing all our competitors ready for the off. View the ‘runners and riders’ here  http://www.endurorally.com/…/peking-to-paris-motor-challeng…

Xmas 2015/New Year 2016

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One Response to April 2016

  1. Robyn Richmond says:

    What an incredible adventurer you are Heather.

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