March 2015

New Updates

March 19 2015
We are about to take Val on a nice outing on Sunday 29th March.  The Wollandilly 300 is a one-day event of around 300kms run by the Classic Rally Club.
photo 2[3] copy 3
We are entering in the Tour category as this is Glenda’s first event.  We will keep you posted on the Sunday fun
March 17 2015
Since coming home we have decided that we needed to get in lots of practice before setting off on the Peking to Parids Rally in 2016 and that we needed a new car to practice in given that Xena was in the UK getting prepared.  Of course  two Volvo Amazons are not enough -we did not want to damage Val as she is in lovely original condition.
So we have bought Gabrielle (so-named because she was the blonde who was Xena, warrior princess’s sidekick in the TV series.   Her body is not in very good condition, but we did not want a car that looked fancy; rather one that would be up to being knocked around a bit.

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We have sent Gabrielle off to Matt Bryson, who with Gerry Crown came an extremely close second (in fact only one second separated first and second places) in the Road to Mandalay Rally
Matt has so far taken the interior out and the new roll cage is measured up and designed (the old one was non-compliant and he is building the cage to meet both AMSAG and CAMS rules so we can do any Australian rallies.
Matt thinks she had been sitting around for quite some time as the fuel was off. Matt also gave her an oil change and new filter, and is working to get the Weber carbs working – there was no pressure regulator and this was causing flooding and a leak out of the throat onto the exhaust. Once this was fixed she still didn’t run very well, so Matt looked at the jets and they were way out from where they were supposed to be. He managed to borrow some jets from a friend and now it’s running quite well!
Matt will also replace the distributor with  an electronic unit with a rev limiter. As well, the fuel lines need replacing, and some some of the brake pipes need replacing.
Gerry Lister, who has been involved with Volvos since 1954 has volunteered a wealth of information that Matt  will implement in Gabrielle.  He also sold Matt engine mounts (up-rated spec ), gear box mount, drive shaft centre bearing, radiator hoses, oil filter and a rocker cover gasket.Gerry believes that the front crossmember needs reinforcing.
So it’s all go on Gabrielle and we will keep you all posted.  We’d like to compete in the AMSAG ralies.  There’s one in May but she may not be ready for that, but we should be OK for the John’s River rally in June
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