September 2014

MG Classic 2014

Val is entered in her first rally this weekend, Saturday 13th, Sunday 14th September.  We will be posting updates each night with photos so check in and see how we are placed against other cars (we are the only Amazon in the rally).



Latest news on the Targa Tour

The provisional entry list is now out and there are 64 cars in the Tour category.  There are only 3 cars older than Xena – 2 BMWs and a 1966 Lotus.  There are only 5 women drivers (including Jo). For more info on the Targa Tour go to:

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One Response to September 2014

  1. Rob Berridge says:

    Hi Team Xena. I was impressed when I saw you 2 on the Tour. ( I was a ACCoC on that Event ) I also have a web page that focuses on the “race cars”. Unfortunately Targa NZ have been revampimg their website and all the links to the Tour side have now gone 😦 .So your link gets an Error page 404. If you want I have a pdf of al the entries to that event. Best of luck with the Peking to Paris event. As I say to my wife when she is about to play an important bowls tournament. Enjoy

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