April 2016

6 April 2016

Russia, Mongolia and Belarthumbnail_FullSizeRenderus documents in for visas.  I have my Chinese visa.  Jo has still to get hers.  Xena is now on the high seas on her way to Beijing.  Packing started and now I have to cull things that are absolutely necessary.  One smallish bag for all my things- pone small bag for all of Xena’s things that could not be shipped with her.


Excitement building!!!!



PP 2013 startovne cislo

Endurance Rally Association – ERA


Ten weeks today until the start of the ‪#‎PekingtoParis‬ ‪#‎Rally‬ at the Great Wall Of China, Beijing, China. Looking forward to seeing all our competitors ready for the off. View the ‘runners and riders’ here  http://www.endurorally.com/…/peking-to-paris-motor-challeng…

Xmas 2015/New Year 2016

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Xmas 2015


We spent 10 days in England and Scotland  trying out Xena prior to her being shipped to Beijing.


We picked her up from the Rover Centre, having had a great reunion with Owen and Jamie and meeting their Mum and Dad – what a great family.

We drove up through the Yorkshire Moors, over to Berwick, then up into the Scottish Highlands via the lochs. Even got in a whi1012542_441844409355096_784832349260237379_ntasting.  Then down to our mates Liz Stanley and Sue Wise for new year and Jo tried out her new handbrake turns (in the process ruining 4 new tyres).




Then back to St Albans – a few bits and pieces to do on Xena, but we feel very confident that she will be strong enough to get through the wilds of Mongolia.

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March 2015

New Updates

March 19 2015
We are about to take Val on a nice outing on Sunday 29th March.  The Wollandilly 300 is a one-day event of around 300kms run by the Classic Rally Club.
photo 2[3] copy 3
We are entering in the Tour category as this is Glenda’s first event.  We will keep you posted on the Sunday fun
March 17 2015
Since coming home we have decided that we needed to get in lots of practice before setting off on the Peking to Parids Rally in 2016 and that we needed a new car to practice in given that Xena was in the UK getting prepared.  Of course  two Volvo Amazons are not enough -we did not want to damage Val as she is in lovely original condition.
So we have bought Gabrielle (so-named because she was the blonde who was Xena, warrior princess’s sidekick in the TV series.   Her body is not in very good condition, but we did not want a car that looked fancy; rather one that would be up to being knocked around a bit.

10519002_338624396343765_4282332258809754990_n 11070191_338624159677122_5238442761514831293_n 11037568_338623773010494_8264434451206381409_n 20584_338623729677165_8019113642736931636_n

We have sent Gabrielle off to Matt Bryson, who with Gerry Crown came an extremely close second (in fact only one second separated first and second places) in the Road to Mandalay Rally
Matt has so far taken the interior out and the new roll cage is measured up and designed (the old one was non-compliant and he is building the cage to meet both AMSAG and CAMS rules so we can do any Australian rallies.
Matt thinks she had been sitting around for quite some time as the fuel was off. Matt also gave her an oil change and new filter, and is working to get the Weber carbs working – there was no pressure regulator and this was causing flooding and a leak out of the throat onto the exhaust. Once this was fixed she still didn’t run very well, so Matt looked at the jets and they were way out from where they were supposed to be. He managed to borrow some jets from a friend and now it’s running quite well!
Matt will also replace the distributor with  an electronic unit with a rev limiter. As well, the fuel lines need replacing, and some some of the brake pipes need replacing.
Gerry Lister, who has been involved with Volvos since 1954 has volunteered a wealth of information that Matt  will implement in Gabrielle.  He also sold Matt engine mounts (up-rated spec ), gear box mount, drive shaft centre bearing, radiator hoses, oil filter and a rocker cover gasket.Gerry believes that the front crossmember needs reinforcing.
So it’s all go on Gabrielle and we will keep you all posted.  We’d like to compete in the AMSAG ralies.  There’s one in May but she may not be ready for that, but we should be OK for the John’s River rally in June
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September 2014

MG Classic 2014

Val is entered in her first rally this weekend, Saturday 13th, Sunday 14th September.  We will be posting updates each night with photos so check in and see how we are placed against other cars (we are the only Amazon in the rally).



Latest news on the Targa Tour

The provisional entry list is now out and there are 64 cars in the Tour category.  There are only 3 cars older than Xena – 2 BMWs and a 1966 Lotus.  There are only 5 women drivers (including Jo). For more info on the Targa Tour go to:http://targa.co.nz/targa-nz-south-island-6-day-event-2014

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Planning the Road to Mandalay

Immediately after the very successful 1st Alpine Trial Philip Young flew to Myanmar for high level meetings with government officials to confirm arrangements for next year’s Road to Mandalay Rally.


Philip’s visit was to finalise details with Government officials in Nay Pyi Taw, the Burmese capital. The officials in the Ministry of Tourism have been working hard behind the scenes to provide the best available facilities and to ensure our smooth transition across the border from Thailand to Myanmar – our event will be the first sporting rally to cross into their country.

The Minister of Tourism met Philip in the government office where officials presented a thick wedge of paperwork, our official Permits for the event, all written in Burmese, and over a cup of tea, a covering letter was typed out in English.  Photographs were then taken for the various Burmese newspapers – our event is seen as ground breaking by the Government, bringing rally-drivers from all corners of the globe to their country with a physical crossing of their border in a demonstration of how Myanmar is opening to the rest of the world.

This latest personal visit by Philip follows on from a successful final reconnaissance of the route in April and May. After shipping an ERA vehicle from the UK, Clerk of the Course John Spiller accompanied by Anthony Preston completed a full and detailed route survey for the whole event. They drove out of Raffles Hotel in Singapore on 15th April and spent very nearly a month on the road before reaching Rangoon on 11th May.

Travelling with our local fixers, John and Anthony met nothing but a friendly and enthusiastic welcome throughout the drive across Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. They have lined up some fantastic driving roads, as well as meeting those who will be closing roads for us to run Time Trial and Regularity sections through plantations and over other interesting roads. Recent contacts with our agents in Thailand assure us that the political situation is quickly stabilising and should not present any difficulties for the event. As always the ERA will take every consideration for the participants safety and enjoyment.

The Rally Office is now chasing up entrants for missing information, such as car details, registration numbers, chassis numbers, engine numbers and a raft of personal information for the giant spread-sheet that will aid the passage of the event across four countries

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Things are moving on the Road to Mandalay rally

Rally Director Philip Young is in Myanmar this week for high level talks with Government ministers in the final round of detailed planning for the inaugural Road to Mandalay.  


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